3 Key Strategies to Supercharge Your Results on BOC Exam Day

Allison Strickland
3 min readMay 22, 2024

You’ve poured countless hours into studying the Board of Certification (BOC) as an athletic training student, but have you ever thought about the game plan you’ll use during the BOC exam itself? Effective strategies for test-taking that can influence your performance come BOC exam day, regardless of how well-prepared you are.

There are tons of tactics based on high-pressure performance science and memory psychology, but it can be hard to figure out from all the information out there which is best for you. We’ve collected a few of our favorites:

The Power of Marginal Gains

Have you ever wondered how successful sports teams maintain their dominance? It turns out, they focus on making small improvements across every aspect of their performance. This strategy is called “marginal gains” and it’s all about how tiny enhancements can add up to significant improvements over time. Here is how you can harness marginal gains for the BOC exam:

  • Prioritize good sleep in the weeks leading up to the BOC exam. Create a consistent sleep schedule, complemented by a wind-down period before bedtime.
  • Exercise moderation with beverages pre-exam to minimize interruptions.
  • Use small snippets of your downtime to study for…



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