Discovery Learning: Why Is It Vital for Athletic Training Education Success?

Allison Strickland
3 min readSep 21, 2022

Discovery learning has been a buzzword for a while now. The discovery learning method gives athletic training students the freedom to ask their own questions, do their own research, solve problems, and come to their own conclusions.

Athletic training students can think outside the box when they step away from traditional learning methods. By discovering new information and exploring different objects, learning becomes a dynamic and never-ending process. As a result, athletic training students will be equipped to interact with the world around them more deeply and remember concepts better.

Incorporating Discovery Learning

Almost any class can use discovery learning. Since it includes so many methods, it can be used whenever it’s needed. Discovery learning can be used to teach an entire subject. Discovery learning is praised by both professors and students, and with so many benefits, it’s really only going to get more popular.

Incorporating discovery learning is easy because it doesn’t take too much time or work. It’s a flexible idea with one goal: creating more interactive classrooms. From acquiring skills that are in high demand today to learning how to write successful, well-structured resumes, this approach prepared these kids for the job market when they graduate.

The result of discovery learning is that students will remember concepts and knowledge easier. The following models are based on discovery learning:

  • guided discovery,
  • problem-based learning,
  • simulation-based learning,
  • case-based learning,
  • incidental learning

Discovery Learning Methods

Teachers and professors can use many different methods in their classrooms, as mentioned above. Because one of them doesn’t exclude the other, the best results are usually achieved when they’re combined, allowing students to reveal their new talents and skills, and also their most efficient way of learning.

Here are some of the commonly used discovery learning methods:

  • Interviews: Students can greatly benefit from talking to…
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