Overcoming Test Anxiety: A Guide to Building Confidence and Conquering Self-Doubt

Allison Strickland
3 min readFeb 21, 2024

We’ve all heard inspiring quotes urging us to face our fears and pursue our dreams. It’s a sentiment echoed in the classic line from Hilary Duff’s “A Cinderella Story”: “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” For athletic training students, that dream is passing the BOC exam. If you suffer from test anxiety, let’s explore how it can contribute to self-doubt.

The Impact of Test Anxiety on Self-Doubt

Test anxiety is a common phenomenon that can manifest through:

  • Negative thought patterns — Self-critical thoughts, such as “I know I’m going to fail”
  • Cognitive distortions: Irrational and negative thought patterns, such as overgeneralization, black-and-white thinking (seeing things as all good or all bad), and catastrophizing (always expecting the worst)
  • Physical symptoms: Sweating, nausea, racing heart, trembling, etc.
  • Impaired cognitive functioning: Difficulty thinking clearly, leading to mistakes, forgetfulness, and a perceived lack of competence
  • Fear of judgment: Text anxiety can be fueled by a fear of judgment from peers, teachers, and family
  • Past experiences: Previous negative…



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