Unlock Your Memory Potential with the Peg Word Method

Allison Strickland
2 min readMay 15, 2024

Are you tired of forgetting important lists or struggling to remember crucial information during exams, like the Board of Certification (BOC) exam? Meet the peg word method — a powerful mnemonic technique designed to supercharge your memory and streamline your study sessions.

So, what exactly is a mnemonic device? It’s a clever memory aid to help you remember anything from grocery lists to human anatomy. Mnemonics are like mental shortcuts that enhance your ability to retain and retrieve information when you need it most, whether you’re navigating the aisles of the grocery store or tackling a difficult BOC exam question.

An example of a mnemonic device you might use to study for the BOC exam is the popular mnemonic for memorizing the carpal bones in the hand:

Some Lovers Try Positions That They Can’t Handle:

There are many different mnemonic techniques, but the peg word method is a particularly effective tool for memorizing lists in a specific order, especially when dealing with tangible, visual items rather than abstract concepts.

Creating Mental Images

Once you’ve committed the peg word to memory, it’s time to get creative. Associate each item you want to remember with the corresponding peg word, creating…



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